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Working from home a lot more these days? Do you find yourself tucked away in a small desk in a spare bedroom or worse, sprawled out in your family dining room? Well, let’s look at that dining room for a moment. Do you ever use it for anything other than hosting guests at dinner parties or holiday dinners? Most people don’t. Branch Property Service has been hard at work helping people get the most out of the space they already have.  A very popular trend right now is converting the seldom-used dining room into a functional, great-looking home offices. Here are some tips on how to make this process as easy as possible.

Clean Out Your Old Space?

To make your office as functional and comfortable as possible you’ll want to clean out the old space. If you have a storage unit great. Call a couple of friends and get busy. Or give us a call and we’d be happy to professionally remove your items and save you the hassle. If you are determined to keep the table to convert for the occasional dinner party that’s ok too.  Designate one side of the table as storage space for things like books, papers, or whatever else you may need in your office. It’s also a good idea to find someplace to store additional chairs.

Figure Out The Best Place to Put Your Desk

Deciding where to place your desk is maybe the most important decision. Historically this decision revolved around where you wanted your back to be. This is important but with the popularity of video conferencing make sure you think about lighting. Having your back to a window makes it hard for the camera to adjust. You want your video to look great, especially if you’re working with clients. So think about using that natural light to ensure your image is a well lit and clear as it can be.

Consider getting an adjustable desk so you can change positions. When in a traditional office there’s more opportunity to get up and move around. Going to different conference rooms or popping in to see a co-worker. Studies find that home office workers are much more sedentary than their in-office counterparts.  An adjustable desk that allows you to stand and work can be a huge benefit. When positioning your desk remember most dining rooms come with large hanging lights. We can easily remove them for you and give you lighting that compliments the home office. Or remove them altogether.

Blocking Off Your New Office Is Important

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Dining rooms tend to be centrally located in the home and if designed well, very close to the kitchen. To avoid distractions from a noisy kitchen, consider installing custom doors. French doors offer a high-end feel and can help with noise levels. Barn Doors are another trendy alternative to help block off your new space.  Doors will also allow others to not have to tiptoe around when you’re on an important conference call. And for many of confidentiality and privacy, even from our families is critical during the workday.

Adding doors often ads a psychological benefit. It’s important for us to have our downtime. Being able to shut the doors to your office when you’re not working and enjoying the rest of your home is important. You don’t want to be binge-watching your favorite show but not able to enjoy it because you can see the pile of paperwork that needs to get done.

Make Your Office Inviting

Create an area for people who come into your home office to sit down and chat with you while they wait. Whether it’s family, friends or a client you need to see. Try having a nice soft space where you can sit comfortably together. Soft spaces are also good for helping with creativity and problem-solving. Sometimes laying on the couch, staring at the ceiling and coming up with a brilliant solution to your boss’ hair-brained idea is just what the doctor ordered.

Make It A Space You Enjoy Being In

It’s very likely you’ll be spending most of your waking moments in your newly converted space. Make it your own and something you love. Put things on the wall that inspires you. Make sure you have a place to display your accomplishments. Let’s be honest, on bad days it’s nice to have a reminder of our successes. Consider getting some plants for decoration. Plants can increase productivity by up to 15%! And who can’t stand to be a little more productive throughout the day?

Being in a space that’s functional and comfortable is incredibly important


Converting your dining room to a home office can help you get more work done, give you the privacy you need and become a space you enjoy. If this all sounds perfect for you or if you want help converting your space into an efficient and productive workspace, let us know! We’re ready to create a plan that will turn any old dining room into the ultimate place to create during those hard-to-find hours in our day. Do any of these benefits sound like they might be helpful? Let’s talk about how we can make it happen together!

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